Token/Coin Listing

When an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is listed on an exchange, the public can purchase it, resulting in a token sale. Investors are interested in the company behind the ICO purchase of tokens. Investors can use that token however they want, whether for trading, as a form of currency to purchase goods or services, or to demonstrate a stake in the company. When a token is listed on an exchange, it is critical to understand whether it is a security or a utility.


Listing a token on an exchange is time-consuming and costly. You can find suitable exchanges that work for your token with the help of the right agent, crypto advisor, or company. When listing a token on a cryptocurrency exchange, it is best to consider the numerous general factors involved.

Factors to consider are:

  • Which exchanges are appropriate and will give your token the most exposure?
  • Which exchanges do you want to avoid or be scammed?
  • What is the price of the exchange listing, and does it fit within your budget?
  • What price are you willing to accept for listing your token?
 Features for Coin Listing
Network Advantage

Depending on the region and industry, we can cover an extensive network area for your new coin or token. We have partnered with the top 30 cryptocurrency listing platforms on which investors rely to find new coins. We can also help you find the best coin listing platforms for your currency or token.

Complete Assistance

Our Team will handle all technical aspects and complete the coin listing process as quickly as possible. We are assuring that the coin code requirements are met. They are contacting all exchange platforms and complying with their requirements and documentation.

Coin Audit

An audit certificate is one of the essential certifications required for the exchange platform listing. Major listing platforms accept our Audit certificate.

Benefit 1: Even Top Offers are Quite Affordable

Finding a well-balanced service offering can be a daunting task for a startup. However, coin exchanges are eager to attract promising projects to their pools of investors, making even the most expensive offers quite affordable.

Benefit 2: Streamlined Procedure Delivers Fast Listing

When it comes to top exchanges, expect bureaucracy, which is not the case with mid-level exchanges. Every step is streamlined and moves at a rapid pace. However, this does not imply that mid-ranking exchanges rush to list everyone.

Benefit 3: Liquidity and Trade Volume of Your Token Get an Early Increase

The increase in question is facilitated by the combined forces of your marketing and the exchange's listing offer. This is especially beneficial given the high trade volumes on mid-level exchanges. Keep in mind, however, that once your coin is listed, you will need to maintain public interest in it. This is how it can keep its liquidity from dwindling.

Benefit 4: Large Audience Means Good Exposure to Your Token

Coin exchanges have large communities and will gladly help your coin gain exposure. On all of them, the platform makes promotional announcements. Furthermore, they can assist with listing your token on such reputable resources, lending credibility to your project.

Benefit 5: Such Exchanges Deliver Confidence, Legality, and Security

Every mid-level cryptocurrency exchange has built a reputation it cannot afford to lose. In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, reputation is far more valuable than money. Another critical consideration is the legality of the operations. Finally, you can attack even the most secure and well-known crypto exchanges, so preventive security measures are required.

Benefit 6: You Can Get Useful Bonuses in Your Listing Offer

Some of the bonuses and features they provide can be critical in deciding where to list your token. For example, some startups intend to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) to raise funds, which is where an exchange comes in, acting as a reliable launchpad for IEO sessions.

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